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Good Move Sarah Palin, Now You’ve Offended the Conservatives! -Personal #3

March 9, 2010



Sarah Palin recently alleged that her now infamous hand-writing episode was all in good fun because God writes things on His hands too! This creative blame-shifting is a new low for Alaska’s former governor and one time vice-presidential hopeful. Palin deftly equated herself with Christ and blamed her bad behavior on God – all in one interview! These decidedly un-Christian characteristics will no doubt offend many Conservatives. Palin’s poor judgment and total inability to take responsibility for her actions do not bode well for a future in leadership.

I don’t usually get into the political fracas, but Isaiah 49:16 happens to be one of my favorite verses. To give it some context, it reads:

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?

Though she may forget,

I [God] will not forget you [Israel, My Chosen People]!

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;”

In this verse, God is talking about the Nation of Israel. They have not been “perfect children” – in fact, they have worshiped false gods, sinned in all kinds of ways, all but forgotten the Covenant their ancestors made with the true God to protect and provide for them.

In this verse, God is saying, “I know you have walked away from me – but I will NEVER walk away from you. No matter what”

These verses, Isaiah 49:15-16 are two things:

  1. A declaration of the furious longing God has for His people – the Israelites, and now his “adopted” sons and daughters anyone who professes Christian faith today – and the Covenant He has made with them which cannot be broken. It’s a reminder of how much God loves His children – more than a parent, more than a mother – more than a human can comprehend.
  2. This is one of those prophetic verses from the Old Testament that foretells the coming of Christ. When it says, “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands,” for me, that means the engraving of the cross.

God is not “writing” down people’s names so He remembers them.

This verse does not refer to an Eternal Cheat Sheet, but rather a permanent marking that Christ took on His hands in order to take our sins away from us and back to Hell were they belong.

Isaiah 49:16  is not only a reminder that Jesus loved me enough to put holes through His hands, but that this plan of sacrifice was put in motion from the beginning of time.

So, unless Sarah Palin has 9 inch iron nails coming out of her hands and has recently given her sinless life as a sacrifice for the salvation of others, I don’t think she should be claiming justification from this verse.

Palin’s use of this particular verse – one so imbued with real meaning for many people, to cover up a blunder, I find really offensive.

I didn’t like Sarah Palin too much before this debacle, mostly on intellectual grounds, but this feels different.

To me, this shows that she doesn’t understand the very things she purportedly stands for: a Christian ethic and personal responsibility.

Sarah Palin seems to have failed on these counts, and they are the very tenants of the “Tea Party” movement she is helping to bolster.

Equating yourself with Christ, or using God as an excuse for your behaviors is never a good idea.

Not taking personal responsibility to acknowledge your limitations and live up to your own mistakes is out of step with what Sarah Palin is pushing at  her tea party rallies.

So, shame on you, Sarah Palin – I don’t care if Russian politics confuse you, or are unable to identify Nicholas Sarkozy on the phone, or if Katie Couric’s queries stop you dead in your tracks, but I do care if you can’t even live up to the very ethics you are promoting to others.

I think that strikes a chord in everyone, regardless of religion.

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